Available in Espresso Roast and Filter Roast.

Costa Rica Hacienda Sonora


Allpress Espresso Blend

Sweet, balanced and complex. This is it. We’ve been refining this blend since day one and it’s everything we think espresso should be.

$19.00 - $67.00

A.R.T. Espresso Roast

Big, fat and chocolatey. The precision of Air Roasting allows us to take this coffee to the very edge of flavour development.

$19.00 - $67.00

Haus Decaf Blend

Rich, bold and roasted to our signature profile. This is our promise to never compromise on great flavour; morning, noon or night.

$20.00 - $72.00

Browns Mill Organic

Smooth, milk chocolate and citrus. A mellow, easy-drinking coffee, for those that like to keep things natural.

$19.00 - $67.00

Guatemala Finca Joya Grande

Washed coffee from one of the world’s finest coffee-producing regions, this lot from Finca Joya Grande is a showcase of some of the best Guatemalan coffee available.

$20.00 - $72.00

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