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Haus Decaf Blend - Office

Sweet, balanced and complex.

Reliably delicious, all day.

Rich, bold and roasted to our signature profile. This is our promise to never compromise on great flavour; morning, noon or night.

Whatever brings you here, we know you'll love it


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Roaster's Notes

Another good match for the Allpress Espresso Blend, our water processed decaf blends a range of Brazilian and Colombian beans to produce a well-balanced blend with prominent notes of chocolate, caramel/toffee and citrus. 

The Mountain Water Process retains the distinct coffee flavours. Haus Decaf is complex, yet balanced, and undoubtedly full of flavour. Enjoyable through all brew methods – best freshly ground and given the same care and attention as our other blends. 

Bean Origins

Colombia and Brazil Mountain Water Decaf

Coffee bean plant